Jul 19, 2014 – Hi everyone! I’ve been watching quite a few movies recently (both in theatres and at home) so I thought of posting something I’ve never done before…My very first MOVIE REVIEWWWW!! Hahaha:) some of the movies are still in theatres now so if you like my reviews, you still have time to catch them on the big screen. So let’s get to it!

Just a disclaimer, I’m ranking the movies based on comparisons between the movies I watched. Not comparing with blockbusters like Avatar, Titanic or something like that.

The movie that takes the top spot is…22 Jump Street! I bet most of your jaws would have dropped upon hearing this, especially those who have watched 21 Jump Street. I watched the first movie too and the comedy was quite lame and boring. It was also laden with expletives. The actors couldn’t seem to express themselves without using the f*word in every sentence. Unfortunately, this sequel is no different in that sense. Plus there are quite a few sexual references. So if you are the kind of person who cringes whenever you hear vulgarities, this movie is definitely NOT for you! But if you can look past that, 22 Jump Street has all kinds of straight forward, laugh out loud, holding your stomach in pain, slapping your thigh kind of humour. The chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill is undeniable and together, they make almost every scene seriously funny. The storyline is so-so but never once in almost 2 hours of movie time would you feel bored or regret of having bought that ticket. Definitely worth your time but of course bring the right company (ie no strict parents or under 18s)

Coming in at a close second is…Transformers: Age of Extinction! Ok some of my friends weren’t a big fan of the movie. So let’s just cover the negatives first. There seem to be too many villains, both human and machine, at times. And each villain has a different agenda so that can be quite confusing. At one point, I even thought the movie became a little draggy (when was the fight going to endd?) But overall, I really enjoyed the movie. The storyline was totally different from the earlier movies. I was quite disappointed that Shia LaBeouf and his hilariously eccentric parents were gone at first but after seeing the current actors’ performances, I actually didn’t miss LaBeouf at all! Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci were the main funny guys and kept me chuckling lots of times. The sweet father-daughter relationship and the evolution of cooler transformers definitely gave the movie an edge. If you are a fan of the Transformers series like me, you should not miss this movie!

In third place is a movie I watched at home…The Other Woman! Ok this is another comedy movie and as the title suggests, it has a very straight forward storyline. Basically this guy is a big fat cheater and is cheating on his wife with 2 other women. As the story goes, these women find out about each other and become best friends. They then go on to get some good old revenge on that traitorous liar. But the story isn’t the main appeal of the movie, it is the wonderful comedy by the 2 main actresses, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann! These 2 women are hilariously funny, especially Leslie Mann who comes as this annoyingly lovable and crazy wife. A great movie to watch if you just want to pass time and have a laugh.

And in fourth place is…Dawn of the Planet of the Apes! I must admit I was never a fan of the Apes series so I might be abit biased. Just the idea of Apes being the main characters was not that appealing to me. Plus I can’t compare with the other Apes movies because I haven’t watched those before. Anyway, the storyline in this movie was quite nice. It’s basically about survival instinct and wanting a safe place for one’s family in both the ape’s and man’s perspective. I thought the performance capture technology was really cool! The apes showed soo much character and emotions through their facial expressions. The ape leader just had this weird charisma about him and the ‘villain’ of the movie (I wont tell who in case you want to watch too) was sooooo scary because you just might not know what he would do next. He just has this crazy, violent expressions on his face sometimes and whenever he comes onscreen, I have my hands over my eyes because I’m too scared about what he might do next. But the action wasn’t that great and there wasn’t many funny or sweet moments (which is a must for me) so I don’t loveeee the movie.

Ok so that wraps up my movie reviews for today! It’s been quite a long post. If you have any violent objections with my views or want to suggest some other movies for me to watch, drop me a comment below!

Stay happy guysss!